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1 Richmond Square Suite 234E
Providence, RI 02906
United States


Stenhouse Consulting provides IT Consulting services to the New England area


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of companies do you work with?

A. The basic principles of an IT system design and security are common to any business. Our clients range from machine shops to design firms, from financial consultants to schools.

Q. We have our own vendors for equipment purchases. Can we continue this relationship while working with Stenhouse Consulting?

A. Yes. We do have vendor contacts with whom we've established our own relationships to facilitate obtaining quotes and placing orders for our clients, but we are happy to work with your vendors.

Q. Do you resell specific product lines?

A. While we do resell some software and hardware, we are product-neutral. Our goal is to find equipment and software that meets the needs of our clients and to get the best deal possible.

Q. Once you have worked on installations, can you train in-house staff to familiarize them with the equipment?

A. Yes, we often do staff trainings for hardware and software.

Q. Some of the work for our IT expansion has already been done, but it's starting to look as if we are in over our heads. Can you help with this?

A. We can come in at any point in the process and give you a realistic assessment of how to complete your project successfully. We can work with your existing IT provider or take over a project if you think it's time for a change.